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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is currently under construction.

What is the mission of your foundation?

Mission Statement:
At The Australian Brain Cancer Foundation, our mission is to spearhead efforts in raising awareness, driving research, and providing unwavering support for those affected by Primary Brain Cancer in the ACT region and surrounds.

We are dedicated to fostering a brighter future for brain cancer patients through innovative research, compassionate care, and community empowerment. By bridging the gap between science and humanity, we aspire to enhance quality of life and increase survival rates for individuals impacted by this formidable disease.

Our commitment is to empower, educate, and elevate, ultimately positioning the ACT as a global centre for Primary Brain Cancer research and care. Together, we strive for a world where brain cancer is conquered, and where each patient’s journey is met with hope, strength, and resilience.

How can I donate to the foundation?

You can make a donation by visiting our website and clicking on the Donate button, where you’ll find various donation options and payment methods.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes, we are a registered nonprofit organization, and donations made to ABCF are generally tax- deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for specific financial advice.

How are donations utilized?

Donations are used in a variety of different ways, each of which is vital to our day-to-day running. Some of the essential areas you can donate to are:

  • General Donation to Administration
    • Your donation to our administration is absolutely vital for the sustenance of our core operations. It serves as the lifeblood, the very heartbeat that keeps our organization running seamlessly. Your contribution in this area directly empowers our dedicated administrative team, ensuring they have the necessary resources and support to execute our mission with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Without your generous assistance, the essential behind-the-scenes work that drives our mission forward simply wouldn’t be possible.
    • We have secured $35,000 from our founding sponsors to cover many of our
      administrative costs for the first three years of our operations so that the donations
      we receive can go directly toward furthering our mission and helping our
  • Bookkeeping (Annual) Donation
    • Bookkeeping, while often in the background, plays an undeniably vital role in The Australian Brain Cancer Foundation. Your invaluable contribution to our annual bookkeeping expenses is the very backbone of our financial transparency and accountability. It ensures that every financial transaction, no matter how small, is meticulously recorded, creating a robust and clear financial trail. Your support guarantees that financial resources are managed with utmost precision and responsibility.
  • IT Acquisition and Maintenance Donation
    • While a laptop may appear commonplace today, it is a vital tool for our work. Your contribution directly amplifies our team’s mobility and efficiency, serving as the linchpin of our ability to operate in an increasingly dynamic environment. This essential device empowers us to work from any location, adapt swiftly to changing circumstances, and ensure the uninterrupted progress of our vital mission. Your support provides the technological foundation necessary for us to navigate the challenges of our Foundation with agility and resilience, reinforcing our commitment to making a lasting impact
  • Office Space Expansion Donation
    • Expanding office space through your generous donation is crucial. It serves as the lifeblood of our organization, providing an environment that is vital for fostering teamwork, creativity, and productivity. Your support is instrumental in ensuring that we have the physical space required to accommodate our growing team, enabling us to embrace new talent and ideas. Central to our Foundation’s success is collaboration, and contributions pave the way for effective, impactful collaboration that propels us towards our goals. Your commitment to this expansion is a testament to your dedication to ABCF.
  • Staffing Donation (Full-Time Administrative Role)
    • Sponsoring a full-time administrative role transcends mere benefit; it’s an indispensable necessity. This stands as the lynchpin in steering ABCF through intricate channels of daily operations. Your support serves as the life-force that empowers us to propel ABCF forward with steadfast commitment and unmatched effectiveness. By ensuring the continuity and strength of this role, you directly fortify our capacity to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and remain resolute in our pursuit of a brighter future for brain cancer patients.
  • Administration Role
    • Donate to sponsor nine hours of administrative work weekly, which represents a vital and strategic investment in ABCF. These hours constitute the heartbeat of our daily operations, ensuring our organization functions seamlessly. Your generous support directly underpins core activities, allowing us to channel energies where they matter most. By freeing up valuable time for essential tasks, your contribution ensures that no detail is overlooked and our mission advances with precision and purpose. Your commitment to this pivotal aspect of our work is the driving force behind our ability to achieve goals.
  • Operations – Utilities Donation
    • Ensuring the lights stay on and utilities operate seamlessly transcends mere practicality; it is an essential lifeline for our ongoing operation. Your steadfast support for utilities ensures workspaces remains fully operational, guaranteeing a secure, comfortable, and conducive environment for teams to execute indispensable tasks. These utilities are not just services; they are the lifeblood that powers ABCF. Your dedication to keeping these essential elements running smoothly fortifies our resilience, enabling us to focus on our vital work without interruption and furthering our commitment to achieving our goals with unwavering determination.
  • Legal Costs Donation, Supporting Our Legal Expenses
    • Legal compliance and protection are non-negotiable in our journey, rendering your donation towards legal costs indispensable. Your support in this area serves as the vital shield that safeguards our organisation’s integrity and interests. It empowers us with the confidence to navigate intricate and ever-evolving regulations, securing our path as we pursue our mission. Your commitment to covering these essential legal expenses underscores our commitment to operating with transparency, ethics, and accountability. This reinforces our ability to make a profound impact in legal complexities and ensures ABCF remains unwavering in purpose.
  • Leadership Support – Backing Our CEO in Steering Our Mission
    • Milena, our esteemed CEO, occupies a pivotal role in guiding ABCF towards success. Your steadfast support of her leadership holds the power to directly influence our capacity to make informed, strategic decisions that propel our mission to ever-greater heights. It is your trust and unwavering backing that empowers her, making our remarkable journey possible. Your belief in her vision and the dedication she brings to our cause underscores the significance of your contribution, as together, we forge ahead with purpose, determination, and shared commitment in realizing our ABCF’s full potential.
  • Medical Research
  • Equipment
  • Z and M Co
  • Clinical Care

Our esteemed Medical Advisory Committee guides the Foundation on how best to direct the donations we raise to make a serious impact on brain cancer, garnered from decades of collective experience across the many areas of brain cancer, research and clinical care.

For further information go to our donations page or contact us on contact.abcf@gmail.com.

Can I specify how I want my donation to be used?

Yes, we offer options for donors to specify the purpose of their donation, such as supporting a particular program or research area. (Please see our donations page.)

How can I get involved as a volunteer?

We welcome volunteers. Please visit our website or contact us directly to inquire about current volunteer opportunities and requirements.

You can sign up to volunteer here.

How can I stay updated on your foundation's activities and news?

You can stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter on our website, following us on social media, subscribing to alerts, or visiting our news and events section regularly.

You can subscribe to our news here and follow our instagram here.

Can my company or organization partner with your foundation?

Absolutely! We welcome partnerships and collaborations with companies and organisations that share our mission. Please contact us to explore partnership opportunities.

How can I reach your foundation for additional inquiries or support?

You can reach us through our contact form on our website, via email at contact.abcf@gmail.com.

Can I leave a legacy gift to your foundation in my will?

Yes, we are grateful for legacy gifts and honouring loved ones. Please contact us for further information.

How do you ensure transparency and accountability?

We proudly uphold high standards of transparency and accountability by regularly auditing our finances, sharing annual reports, and adhering to world-class best practices in not-for-profit governance.

We are proudly sponsored by